Licenced Private Hire operators and Taxi drivers wanted UK wide, FREE TO JOIN
Chauffeur Hire Glasgow is always looking for enthusiastic, friendly and reliable private hire car operator licensed Vehicle owner drivers for phv drivers jobs
Working at Chauffeur Hire Glasgow

Chauffeur Hire Glasgow is always looking for enthusiastic, friendly and reliable private hire licensed Vehicle owner drivers for phv drivers jobs. Chauffeur Hire Glasgow treats its Affilate drivers as valuable assets and always look for smart people who share our vision to join the team. You shall be part of friendly and supportive culture with great hire & reward prospects.

Due to ever increasing demand for our services we require more Private Hire & taxi drivers to fulfil the requirements of our clients. Casual / smartly dressed drivers that are helpful, polite, punctual and reliable. If you fit these requirements please send us an email to or application

Owner drivers, Exceptional Company car drivers are welcome. We also have driving positions available within the company.

Requirements of our owner drivers
1.Good knowledge of Scotland and the UK or the area you work in .
2.Excellent customer service skills.
3.Own satellite navigation system with the latest maps and software updates.
4.You must speak fluent English.
5.Car no older then 10 years
6.Excellent Jobs through our online booking system, you pick the area and your rate and we upload to our system

To join our team you will need the following documentation in order to register with us. You can also send them by email.
1.PHC drivers licence
2.Vehicle Private Hire Car Opeator licence
3.Private Hire Vehicle Insurance certificate
4.Passport size photograph
5.Picture of vehicle and amount of passengers the vehicle can carry
6.The area’s you can work in

You need to get a PHV operator licence from your local authority if you want to run a business as a private hire vehicle (PHV) operator. Chauffeur Driver under UK law you must have a licence to operate.

You’ll also need driver and vehicle licences if you’re working as a one-person operator.

Find out what you need in your area by visiting your local council.

Validity of licence

PHV operator licences last for a maximum of 5 years, driver licences for up to 3 years and vehicle licences for up to 3 years.

The driver, vehicle and operator must all be licensed by the same authority.

Working for with Glasgow Coach Drivers ltd t/a Chauffeur Hire Glasgow means being part of an award-winning family business.

small commission on bookings, unlike others that charge a monthly fee of £100 upwards and a commission of 15 – 30% on top for all bookings plus fees for refusing jobs. if not available. we will try and ask all partners to cover all work, we charge 10% of the job or £50 per week on our busy system

we want to make this the best online system that owner driver’s can get bookings from and NOT Charge you the earth for joining licence agreement
Service Agreement
State of the Art Technology

We use state-of-the-art technology to make your ride with us as convenient and efficient as possible. Our app allows you to book your ride, track your driver, and pay for your fare all from your smartphone.

Download our New Booking Apps Our Customer Apps let you book and track on-demand Taxi services from your smartphone in just a few seconds!

The app uses GPS technology to directly connect customers with Taxi services within range faster than fast.

Use our Passenger booking apps for apple or android


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